Palmetto Elks 2449  

Dive Into Reading - 2021

Palmetto Elks 2449 has been providing community service to children in a local (soon to be state-wide) Dive Into Reading program. The program is designed to help children in Title One schools from second through third grade raise their reading skills.

Sadly, 51% of Manatee County children in the third grade cannot read at the third grade level.

The Anna Maria Oyster Bar piloted a program after they heard the statistics above (from school employees) and realized that from birth to third grade we “Learn to Read” and from third grade onward we “Read to Learn.” Children who cannot read at grade level after third grade usually do not make it through high school. Their future is dim with regards to being a productive member of society after that.

If we help support this program, t
he future will look bright for these children. The Elks will not let them down!
Your help is needed! Please volunteer to be a Mentor.

Sign-up forms are coming! If you and your family and friends would like to volunteer and mentor these children by reading to them this coming Summer please use this link to sign up for more information:

Help with Dive Into Reading

Jim Hoey
Palmetto Elks 2449